The Int’l conference on trade and transport facilitation concludes in Hargeisa



A three-day Int’l conference on trade and transport facilitation has been wrapped up in Hargeisa.

The event organizers said that they are committed to working with stakeholders in bypassing regional trade barriers.

The attendees have made extensive discussions on regional trade constraints in particular Somaliland and Ethiopia.

The conference which lasted for three days was aimed at finding an effective and long lasting solutions to trade challenges between the two neighboring countries.

Traders from Ethiopia and Somaliland were among the participants and agreed that it is the right time for regional countries to be cooperative in terms of trade.

Some of the participants have put questions to SL minister of commerce and industry about their priorities on illegal import from the Ethiopian border and the growing inflation in Tog Wajale town.
Barkhad Abib, a senior officer from the ministry said that the gov’t has clear plans to reduce the inflation in Wajale town.

The audience has also raised questions to Hasan Haji Farah, the exact date Berber free zone will start operation and expressed optimism that it will add value to the trade.

In closing remarks, senior officer at AQN law firm, Abdishakour Ali Mohamed, extended gratitude to the participants for their contributions to the platform.

The event organizers also pledged stakeholders in removing regional barriers.

It is widely believed that this will help the two countries to enhance their connectivity and trade infrastructure.



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