Taiwan envoy to Somaliland holds National Day celebration



The Taiwanese envoy to Somaliland Allen C. Lou hosted its second National Day ceremony on Friday. Over 150 people attended the event, including Abdulrahman Ismail Saylici, Vice President of Somaliland,  ministers, government officials, MPs, members from the business sector, academia, Diplomatic Corps and the media.

At the National Day event, head of the Somaliland Office Allen Lou said that on Taiwan’s success against the COVID-19 pandemic and its outstanding economic performance as Taiwan plays a vital and indispensable role in the global economic recovery, as well as the establishment of secure industrial supply chains in the post-pandemic era. Taiwan will not only enhance solidity with like-minded countries which is based on mutual assistance for mutual benefit but also devote every endeavor to safeguarding sovereignty, democracy, freedom and advancing regional peace and stability.

Amb. Lou said that Taiwan was proud to support Somaliland’s parliamentary and local elections this year and reiterated that the Governments of Taiwan and Somaliland mutually launched Representative Office in 2020. In one year both countries have promoted cooperation projects in agriculture, health care, ICT, and education based on the rock-solid political foundation with fruitful results. In terms of agriculture, the Taiwan Demonstration Farm officially launched on 4th of October and became the benchmark of the Improving Production and Quality of Vegetables and Fruits Project and a venue for training and extensions work in Somaliland; In terms of health care, Taiwan not only donated medical supplies including masks, PPEs, PCR, rapid test kits and oxygen concentrators to assist Somaliland in combating COVID-19 pandemic but also cooperated with project-related hospitals to promote the maternal and child health care, as well as to benefit the people of Somaliland; in terms of ICT, the Somaliland Innovation Zone will be opened soon to enhance Somaliland E-Government capacity with information and communications education. In terms of education, 37 Taiwan Scholarships awardees traveled batch by batch to Taiwan. It is encouraged that they will contribute to Somaliland after completing their studies in Taiwan.

In addition to the aforementioned achievements, Taiwan actively develops mutually beneficial economic and trade and investment cooperation with Somaliland. For instance, Taiwan dispatched oil and mining survey teams to explore resources for the future investment of Taiwanese businessmen. Furthermore, Taiwan EXPO 2021 in Somaliland will be held in Hargeisa on the 4th- 5th of November, which will focus on areas such as Argo-Processing, Bio-Medical, Car Parts, Green Energy, ICT, Ocean Freight and Air Freight Logistics etc. This forthcoming Taiwan EXPO 2021 is expected to create strong international ties related to trade relationships and investment opportunities with neighboring East African countries and the Horn of Africa.

Furthermore, Representative Allen C. LOU concluded with “Square miles do not measure the greatness of a nation. Integrity does. Resilience does. Value does. And in granting “highly official relations” to each other, both Taiwan and Somaliland have become GIANTS.”

The Vice President and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Somaliland echoed with high praises of the relations between Taiwan and Somaliland, they appreciated the Taiwan government for granting scholarships to young students of Somaliland as well as enhancing the human capacity of Somalilanders through implementing various cooperation projects. “Somaliland stands united in the commitments to values of democracy and freedom with rock-solid partner Taiwan.”

In dedication to this 2-hour celebration of Taiwan National Day, exquisite calendars printed with photos of mutual cooperation achievements between two countries were gifted to all the distinguished guests, following by their praises and appreciation.



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