SRGS Somalia Nicholas Haysom Pursuing a President’s Bihi and Farmajo Meet



If the United Nations Secretary General’s Special Representative To somalia Nicholas Haysom carries any weight in the political corridors of Mogadishu and Hargeisa then a face to face meeting between the two respective presidents is to take place before the year is out.

According to Geeska Afrika sources, Ambassador Nicholas Haysom who assumed the SRGS Somalia mantle in October 2018 is said to have prioritized the resuscitation of the stalled talks between Somaliland and Somalia.

Though neither the powers that be in the UN or in both Somaliland and Somalia have come forth with information on this pursuit by Amb Haysom, it is also believed that during his various meets with presidents

Farmajo and Bihi, doc suctions have always revolved around talks Resumption.

In order to resuscitate the stalled talks SRSG Nicholas Haysom is lobbing for a face to face meeting between Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi and his somalia counterpart Mohamed Abdillahi Farmajo, that should take place in Haysom’s South Africa before the year 2018 ends.

“If this happens the SRSG Somalia is positive that the stalled international talks between the two countries shall resume” says our source.

While Haysom is an experienced diplomat the intrinsically of Horn Africa Politics appears to be novel thence caution in his treading as a president Bihi and President Farmajo has been on the offing for a year to no vain.

Arranged to have been hosted by President Geelle of Djibouti in March this year , the first face to face meet between Bihi and Farmajo collapsed owing to the contract Somaliland awarded Emirati firm DP world to manage and operate the port f Berbera. Which the Federal Government In Mogadishu vehemently opposes.

On the other hand mid this year during his ongoing peace and unity tour to eastern regions, President Bihi announced cessation of Talks with Somalia while setting Somalilamd sovereignty recognition by Mogadishu as resumption condition.

Whatever happens mechanisms are already in place to have presidents Bihi and Farmajo in a face to face meet as a precursor to resuming talks.

Though the cessation of talks with Somalia announcement was publicly negated by UCID Opposition party chief Feisal Ali Warabe who claimed that they, Talks, were worthwhile for the country, many Somalilanders are supportive of President Bihi for they deem negotiations with Mogadishu as fruitless thence useless.


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