Somaliland: The Minister of Finance Development Awards Certificates to 12 Civil Servants



The Minister of Finance Development Hon Dr. Saad Ali Shire hosted a dinner reception on Wednesday night, March 6th for 12 civil servants from various Ministries, Departments, and Agencies, who successfully completed and passed a certificate level CIPFA training course, under the PFM Professionalisation Program. The course is designed to effectively increase relevant knowledge and skills in public financial management for senior public sector managers and staff in Somaliland.

The Minister expressed his gratitude to the youthful civil servants for their commitment and efforts they put in passing the CIPFA exam. He emphasized that the new skills and knowledge gained from this course would not only enable them better perform in their current roles, but will also provide a better opportunity for their future endeavours.
At end of the dinner session, the Minister awarded certificates to 12 civil servants who successfully completed a 12-month long training on CIPFA.

CIPFA is the awarding professional body for the CPFA (Chartered Public Finance Accountant) qualification, the global gold standard for professional public financial management (PFM).




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