Somaliland: The Gov stance is to resolve the dispute with Colonel Aare peacefully



The Gov of Somaliland has said that it is engaged talks with rebel group led by Colonel Aare who has defected from Somaliland national army. The minister in charge of transport, Mr. Abdilahi Abokor Osman and the central bank governor, Ali Ibrahim Baqdadi both reiterated that the mission behind the talks is to reconcile with Aare’s rebel group. The central bank governor stated that there are ongoing dialogue between the renegade Colonel Aare and traditional elders from his next of kin. Mr. Baqdadi has added that the elders met with Colonel Aare yesterday and the meeting resumed today as they had face to face gatherings aimed at convincing him to lay down the arms. He added that we should wait and see the outcome. The transport minister also gave details over the standoff and said that Aare, the renegade Colonel is a Somaliland by birth. The minister insisted that the conflict with Aare will be peacefully resolved and that is the stance the gov has taken. He said that the ball is on the elected officials and we are striving to bring the dispute by peaceful means.



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