Somaliland Senate parliament meets with UK counterpart


A delegation of members of Somaliland parliament and senate have held an official meeting with their UK counterparts.

The meeting which was held at the British Parliament was attended by members of Somaliland House of Representatives, Senate and the country ambassador to the UK.

Addressing the meeting Mrs.Fadumo Saeed reiterated the special relationship shared by the people of Somaliland and UK from the heydays of the first and second world wars whereby Somaliland military fought on the side of the British Army.


“My father was amongst Somaliland Army fighters who helped the British Army in the second world war . Somaliland military also played and important role in the first world war and the Falkland Inland war with Argentina  to defend British interest. Now time has come for the UK government to reciprocate and help Somaliland regain her international recognition.” Mrs. Fadumo Saeed elaborated.

She also explained the financial loss of livelihood caused by the immense Waheen Market fire disaster, and requested the British Parliament and Executive to support its reconstruction.

“Waheen Market was not only a trading hub but also a cooperative that helped small scale traders. Waahen market wasn’t just a market, but the essence of.” Mrs.Fadumo emphasized.

She stated that Waheen Market fire disaster was the most painful loss to Somaliland business community.  Mrs. Fadumo confirmed that businessmen and women who had been trading at the market for the past 50 years saw all their properties consumed by the fierce fire. She said that this incident had left many traders wrecked psychological and emotionally hence need immediate moral and financial support to recover from their economical loss.

She said that the emotional pain suffered by the business community who watched all their worldly belongings going up in flames before them brought  back wild memories of the brunt of aerial bombardments suffered by  Hargeisa  and other Somaliland towns during the struggle for freedom from Somalia ruthless regime of the late Colonel Mohamed Siyad Barre.

On the hand, British MP Hon. Gavin Williamson speaking at the event said “It is a privilege for me to attend this important meeting with Somaliland members of parliament and senate to briefing the members of the House of Commons and Lords about the fire disaster at Waheen Market in Hargeisa.”

He went further to give a strong worded speech pertaining the enormous economical loss people of Somaliland suffered as a result of the Waheen Market fire disaster. The MP informed the role the UK government and others could play to assist Somaliland rise from the ashes again.


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