Somaliland: Meet A 13 Year Old Producer Of Children’s TV Programs.


Abdilkadir Abdirahman Ahmed is a 13 years old Somaliland boy who works for the ministry of Information. He came from his hometown of Burao to work in the television sector.

When he arrived in Hargeisa, he met with the Somaliland minister of Home Affair, Mohamed Kahin Ahmed, who also hails from Burao. Impressed with the youngster zest and ambition, the minster referred him to the Information ministry , then headed by, Mohamed Musa Dirie 

In this interview conducted by Qarannews in Hargeisa, Abdilkadir Abdirahman Abdi talks about his work in the ministry, which includes producing programs for children such as story reading, cartoons and other favourite shows.

This youngster would like to progress through the ministry and has designs on being the president of Somaliland. Such precocious dreams and ambitions must be nurtured and encouraged, after all, the future belong to the likes of Abdilkadir Abdirahman Ahmed.


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