Somaliland: Man Dies After Being Bitten Venomous Snake


A man died of snakebite when the venomous snake found its way into the man’s house in Galoolay, outskirts of Gabilay, west of Hargeisa.

According to eyewitnesses, the snake bit the man, Ahmed Yusuf Fadil, twice that by the time the victim was rushed to Gabilay Hospital for treatment, he was clinically dead.

When Mr Fadil was first bitten by the snake, he thought it was a rat went to his friends who gave him some sort of local potion to mitigate the poison. Then again did he return to his house in the afternoon and slept on his mat without checking for the intruder and was again bitten by the snake the second time.

Mr Fadil ran towards the Gabilay Hospital with his arm tied in knots to stop the spread of the poison to his entire body, but according to the local eyewitnesses, the hospital staff; maybe nurse or a doctor unknotted the arm and immediately after that, the victim went comatose and died on the spot.

However, the snake has been killed. His funeral and burial will take place in the village of Galoolay.

The residents have been warned to check their sleeping places at this time of the year. It is hot now, snakes come out of their holes to prowl around and may find their way into human domains.


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