Somaliland: Justice & Welfare Party Dismisses Interior Secretary


Justice and Welfare party (UCID) decided on Saturday to dismiss the party’s interior secretary Mohamud Ali Suleiman Ramaah and the secretary of the party’s central council Mohamud Ali Muse Jiir after they have publicly endorsed the announcement of Somaliland President Musa Bihi Abdi in which he intended to open the registration of new political associations as the way forward for resolving the protracted electoral impasse.

The decision of sacking the two senior party officials was reached during a meeting of the executive council that the party’s leader, Faisal Ali Warabe has chaired on the 29th of February.

The executive council reached the following decisions:-

  1. The executive council of Justice and Welfare party unanimously endorsed the agreement signed by Somaliland President with the leaders of the two opposition parties.
  2. The council also sacked the party’s interior secretary Mohamud Ali Suleiman by show of hands vote.
  3. At the same time, the council suspended until further notice the party secretary of the central council Mohamud Ali Muse Jiir. The suspension will be in place until its next meeting which is scheduled to take place in August, 2020.
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