Somaliland issues stern warning against corona virus outbreak


HARGEISA–Somaliland government has issued a stern warning against new corona virus outbreak that has so far claimed 56 lives in China.

In a press conference on Sunday morning, the ministry of health has said new corona virus cases have not been reported across Somaliland but warned of its possibility.

Somaliland has strong trade relations with China and many business people travel to China on regular basis.

The ministry of health public relations said medical staff and equipment have been deployed at all major entrances of the country.

However, the ministry recommended the best way to prevent an outbreak is through public awareness.

In this regard, the ministry urged all the public to abide by the precautionary measures to curb the spread of the virus in Somaliland.

The first measure calls to immediately check into the hospital people who travel to

China and had developed high fever.

The second and the third measure are to regularly wash hands and cough on handkerchief.

New corona virus was first spotted in China where it killed 56 people so far and infected over 1900 people.

The Chinese government introduced travel restrictions to prevent a pandemic which affected almost 60 million people in 20 cities.

Health authorities around the world are on high alert over the outbreak reported from China.


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