Somaliland is attending Dubai investment conference



Officials from Somaliland are currently in Dubai in order to attend an investment summit that is held annually in the UAE.

More than 139 delegates from the world are in attendance and this is the second times that Somaliland has been formally invited to attend.

The summit is expected to kick off within the coming days.

As every delegates are supposed to showcase the untapped investment chances back home. The participants will hold bilateral meetings with UAE officials in the sidelines of the summit.

This was disclosed by Somaliland representative to the UAE, Mr. Hasan Yasin.

As Somaliland has established close ties with the UAE then that will provide the chance of holding discussions with senior officials of investment firms and will urge them to embark visit to Somaliland in order to see the investment opportunities available back home.

Former interior minister and current adviser to Somaliland leader, Mr. Warran Adde, Bulo Haar mayor and other officials are about to participate the summit.


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