Somaliland has always been peaceful and will always safeguard its stability, says Sports Minister as he scoffs at naysayers


The Minister of Youth and Sports of Somaliland Hon. Abdirisaq Musa Farah has scoffed at the naysayers who insinuate through the social media that the peaceful scenario in the country is jeopardized.

He said that the government of Somaliland has vouched for and guaranteed the safety and security of its people and that is one of the main reasons that foreigners are contented to come and work in the country.

He said that the nation of Somaliland had all along been enjoying peaceful stability that it continues to maintain and safeguard.

The minister gave the sentiments during the Hargeisa International Half Marathon competition event that was held on Friday.

He noted that even the participation of various athletes from different nations in the event attested to the stable and harmoniously peaceful security prevalent in the country.

In contrast to Somalia, the minister pointed out, the athletes would not dare participate in similar events in Mogadishu owing to persistent insecurity turmoil.

Saying that Somalia’s illusions of holding sway over Somaliland was a pipedream hence observed that Mogadishu could not service its budget without comprehensive foreign funding unlike Somaliland which charts out its own path funds itself without much ado hence dispenses public services applicably.


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