Somaliland gov’t sends teams to Selal, Sahil & Awdal to control locust outbreak



Somaliland government had rushed 30 groups to certain regions to contain a looming locust outbreak, officials said on Monday.

Selal, Sahil and Awdal regions are said to witness an outbreak of locust swarms in Somaliland.

Agricultural ministry Director General, Ahmed Ali Mal had said that the teams were sent in a bid to tackle the invasion of the locust entering plantations and damaging crops.

The director general had asserted that Somaliland is among places whereby the locust is a breeding ground especially in coastal areas.

Mr. Ahmed had revealed that the ministry is conducting the operation in conjunction with Food and Agriculture Organization, (FAO).

The teams are expected to conduct a survey which is aimed at assessing the severity of the plague.

The DG had disclosed that the start of spring rains in Somaliland has accelerated the locust eggs to hatch and that had necessitated to conduct operation which is aimed at destroying the locust swarms before they pose a threat to the farming community in Somaliland.


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