Somaliland: Eng. Abdirashid elected new chairman as his new team take over  office



Eng. Abdirashid elected new chairman as his new team take over  office

By M.A. Egge

The newly constituted National Election Commission (NEC) duly elected Eng. Abdirashid Mohamoud  Ali a.k.a.  Riyo-raa’ as the new chairman while his colleague Mr. Mustaffa Dahir was elected his deputy, according to local media sources.

Shortly after the new chairman was elected, the new commissioners took over the office from the former ones.

The elections of the duo happened yesterday at the NEC headquarters.

The change guard at the NEC follows the formation of the new commission after the tenure of service of their predecessors expired early last month.

Factually the NEC officials have taken charges of an ultra-modern secretariat that is comprehensively equipped with a concrete register of voters.

It is noteworthy to point out that the country voted through a biometric system, the first time in a developing world.

The former chairman Eingeer  Abdiqadar Iman Warsame had good words of advice for the in-comers especially as concerns on diligence, official secret acts, and just righteousness.

On his part the in-coming chairman Mr. Abdirashid pledge to have his team work steadfastly  and hoped for the best.

The NEC chiefs were recently sworn into office and have thus taken over their portfolios.

In a different twist of events, a saga have just developed following disgruntles aired by an in-coming NEC Commissioner  Mr. Hassan Yusuf Duale. Asked by the media whether he was begrudged for not clinching an elective post, he noted that he was not aware of the elections, which he attended!


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