Somaliland and South Africa discusses trade and economic issues



The governments of Somaliland and South Africa have discussed several issues, including the issues of transportation, trade, investment, energy and mining and on how the South African government would accept Somalilanders would enter that country using Somaliland’s.

A delegation from the Republic of Somaliland led by the Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation together with the Ambassador of Somaliland to the country Mr. Ahmed Jama, who is on a business trip to South Africa, was received by the South African Deputy Minister of the Presidency Mr K Morolong.

Other points they raised included; strengthening diplomatic relations, education assistance and the development of water services.

This was revealed in a statement issued by the Director General of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Somaliland that noted;

“It is a great pleasure for me while I was in the country of South Africa that we had an important meeting with the Ambassador of Somaliland to South Africa Ahmed Jama and various heads of the South African Government. All of those meetings ended in success and mutual understanding.

Amongst the leaders we met were;

  1. Deputy Minister of State in the Presidency of South Africa Mr. K Morolong.
  2. Deputy Minister of Public Enterprises Mr Obed Bapela,
  3. Vice President of Sothwane South TVET college Mr. Molesi Ramashala.
  4. Mr. Abner Musaasa – Member of the International Affairs Committee of the ANC ruling party. (Member of ANC international subcommittee).
  5. Various traders and investors.
  6. Mr. Patt – CEO Director of UTHO capital.

Among the things we discussed were:-

  1. How the South African government would accept the Somalilanders with passport to enter the country.
  2. Trade and Investment
  3. Energy and Minerals
  4. Security Cooperation
  5. Diplomatic Relations
  6. Education
  7. and Water

I thank all the people and the government of South Africa for the warm welcome they have given us.” END.


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