Somaliland: 3 Dead, dozens Hurt after bus overturns


BERBERA–Three people died and nine others injured today after the bus they were travelling overturned in nearby Abdaal which lies between Hargeisa and Berbera. The bus left from Hargeisa while it was heading to the port city of Berbera.  The injured were rushed to Berbera hospital for getting medical attention as confirmed by Berbera residents. Two who were among the group of young people escaped unharmed. The bus was teemed with young people who were leaving for Berbera once the bus overturns. It is bot yet clear what has caused the accident and the traffic police did not issue a statement. Accidents are on the rise in Somaliland which cause the lost of lives and properties. It is widely blamed for reckless driving and poor roads that lead to the increase in accidents in Somaliland.



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