Somalia speaks about its hopes of reviving the stalled Somalia-Somaliland talks


The frail government of Somalia has intensified its diplomatic efforts to recommence the stalled talks between Somalia and Somaliland. This was disclosed by Somalia’s deputy prime minister, Hon. Mahdi Mohamed Gulied and has also spkoken of his hopes to revive the dialogue which was stopped due to technical problems that were faced with the talks. The deputy PM said that Somalia is determined to have talks with Somalia at any cost.

He asserted that plans were underway to bring the president of Somalia, H.E Mohamed Abdilahi Farmajo and his Somaliland counterpart, H.E Musa Bihi Abdi to face-to-face meeting. The deputy PM has ironically said that he is optimistic that President Farmajo to travel to Hargeisa while his counterpart, Bihi would visit Mogadishu. Somaliland has traded accusations against Somalia blaming on the Tukaraq skirmishes between Somaliland and Puntland to be instigated by Somalia. Somaliland and Somalia held number of talks hosted by the Turkish government in Istabul were the two delegations signed pacts but once president Farmajo came to power he neglected the previous accords.

The SFG seems to be dragging its feet to see the restart of the talks. Somalia and Somaliland former leaders met in the UAE for the first time in the history of the two enclaves after Somaliland successfully regained its independence from Somalia in the 1990’s.




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