Somalia: Peace & Reconciliation meeting Kicks off in Kismayo



Kismayo–Jubaland state president Ahmed Mohamed Islam on Tuesday night launched a conference dubbed “Jubaland’s peace and reconciliation”, in Kismayo, the administrative seat of Somalia’s Federal member state. Ahmed Madobe delivered a keynote address at the meeting, and underscored the importance of peace for Jubaland. Jubaland Council for Change that had recently entered into agreement with Ahmed Madobe were also in attendance. The state leader, Ahmed Madobe, had emphasized the significance of uniting Jubaland. He underlined that as a leader that he is not immune from criticism but further added that all grievances should be settled in the negotiation table. On the other hand, Jubaland leader had extended the Federal Gov’t led by Farmajo to make peace with his administration and further said that the Federal Gov’t officials are invited to come to areas under his control. He also said that from now on that there was no group dubbed Jubaland council for Change but instead that Jubaland is united. The president pledged to hold further meetings with women in Jubaland to address their concerns. The relationship between Jubaland and the SFG is still sour but Ahmed Madobe has taken a step in the right direction to urge his arch rivals to come and resolve their differences through talks.


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