Somalia: Ethiopian Airlines set to commence daily flights to Puntland




The President of Puntland state of Somalia, Hon. Said Abdilahi Deni on Thursday held a high level meeting with Ethiopian Airline senior officials in Addis Ababa, Ethiopian capital. The Ethiopian Airline CEO, Mr. Tewolde Gebre Mariam, head of deputy planning & cooperation, Mr. Busera Awel  and the head of marketing, Mr. Yemene Fitwi held discussions with Said Deni. The focus of the discussion was to convince Ethiopian Airline to commence daily flights to Puntland State of Somalia. This is expected to be part of the growing trade between Ethiopia and Puntland. Mr. Deni discussed further with Ethiopian Airline officials ways to create trade chances which is intended to boost the commercial ties between Ethiopian and Puntland. The commencement of daily Ethiopian airline flights to Puntland would pave the way for trade integration. Mr. Deni told Ethiopian Airline officials that Puntland has got airports that have fulfilled the criteria for commencing int’l flights. The Ethiopian airline officials have welcome the beginning of flights that daily fly to Puntland.


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