Review and Acceleration of Local Government Accountability meeting


The Deputy Minister of Finance Hon. Rooda Jama Elmi opened a meeting to review and accelerate the audit of local governments in the country.

The Auditor General Mr. Ahmed Yusuf Dirir, accompanied by his deputy Mr. Saad Riraash, participated in the meeting on the review and enhancement of local government accounts in 2022, part of the Government Accounts that will soon be submitted to the House of Representatives.

The meeting was attended by the officials of the Ministries of Financial Development, Internal Affairs and the Office of the Accountant General of the Government, the Director General of the Ministry of Financial Development Mohamed Hussein Mu’adinka, the Director General of the Ministry of Interior Mohamed Yusuf Ismail, Accountant General Ahmed Da’ud Gedi, Deputy Accountant General and Directors of the Departments concerned.

At the end it was decided to finalize the uncompleted works, and have a meeting with the Government Agencies and Institutions that make profit.


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