President underscores the importance of alms giving as Eid al-Adha is observed


The President of the Republic of Somaliland H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi has urged Somalilanders to be in the forefront of alms giving, and underscored its importance, such that the needy may also lead a better life.

The Head of State gave the sentiments as he led the nation in joining the Muslim congregation in observing the annual Eid al-Adha prayers in the capital city of Hargeisa at the Central Jamia Mosque.

He also took the opportunity to congratulate the Islamic world and Somalilanders in particular in celebrating the occasion that is usually marked by sacrifices by slaughter of livestock and giving of alms.

Reminding the congregation that it was a tradition decreed divinely, he urged the populaces to heed to the tenet and set alms centres in all regions to gather and collect the relief aid and funds to help alleviate daily necessities of the needy hence nip pauperism at the bud.

He noted that such a move would greatly remove the society from poverty and dire needs.

He said, “If the alms are collected and every city’s neighborhoods collect them, a large number of people will have respite and poverty would be greatly reduced.”

He continued, “Zakat is an obligation ordained by God and Islam has it in its main pillars of faith and the foremost one to remove people from poverty”.

The President congratulated the nation and Muslims at large in celebrating the occasion.

The prayers at the venue were conducted by religion and endowment minister Sh. Abdirizak Hussein Ali Albani who called for unity, solidarity and togetherness.

With the president were notable cabinet minister, deputy Speaker of the parliament, service commanders, MPs, eminent personalities and the over-flown gathering of the congregation.

Later on the president received at the presidential palace the different sections of the people of Hargeisa who came to greet him on the occasion of the blessed day of Eid al-Adha, the most important day in the Islamic calendar.


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