Parliament Speaker Hopes for the release of former Al-Shabaab official

The speaker of Somalia’s Parliament Sheikh Adan Madobe on Wednesday expressed hope that the new administration of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud will release former Al-Shabaab spokesman Mokhtar Robow Ali (Abu Mansur).

Arrested in December 2018 while running for the President of Southwest regional state, Robow has been under house arrest in Mogadishu for years. In an interview, he earlier said he was detained for political motives by the previous government of President Farmajo.

In an interview with BBC Somali, Sheikh Adan Madobe stated his opposition to the decision by the previous administration and called it illegal.

“I was one of the people who spoke out when he had been arrested. He was detained illegally,” Somali parliament speaker said.

“Now, those who committed that transgression and overpowered him are not in office… I believe he will find justice and return to the society, and will be free of the torment subjected to him.”

Speaking on a deal expected to be signed between Somalia and Kenya on the lifting of ban on Kenyan khat imports, he warned the government against striking an agreement without the approval of parliament.


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