MOFA Lauds Clarskton City Council’s recognition to Somaliland’s statehood


Clarkston City Council has become the 1st local authority in the US to to recognize the Republic of Somaliland.

The council approved a motion to fully throw its weight behind the recognition of Somaliland’s Independence during a meeting at the City Hall on last Tuesday. It is the fourth city council to have endorsed the re recognition of Somaliland. Sheffield Council voted a motion of endorsing Somaliland’s recognition in April 2014, while Cardiff City Council also recognized Somaliland in March 2015 and Tower-hamlets become the third City Council in the UK to have proclaimed its endorsement of Somaliland’s recognition as an independent state on November 2015. All the aforementioned City Councils have agreed in unison the recognition of Somaliland indicates that SL deserves the recognition from the international community.

Somaliland is not a newly born country, nor it is region seceding from a state but it is a country with known history which has fulfilled all criteria for a nation. Somaliland’s independence is a solution for Somalia, the Horn of Africa and the entire globe. The ministry of foreign affairs urges the world to grant the long yearning recognition that Somaliland has sought for years. The MOFA welcomes the recognition of Clarskton City council in which they have thrown their weight behind Somaliland’s statehood. MOFA expresses thanks to the City Council particularly the councilor by the name of Ahmed Mohamud Hasan. The press statement has also cited the Clarkston Somaliland community and friends of Somaliland and is especially indebted to Ms. Samia Abdilahi for the well coordinated efforts that she has embarked upon in the quest for Somaliland’s recognition. MOFA urges all Somaliland community in the diaspora to do all they can to push for Somaliland’s recognition wherever they are.




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