Health Ministry denies that people tested positive for Covid-19 escape in Somaliland



The Government of Somaliland has denied that two people who tested positive for the coronavirus have escaped a quarantine.

The government response follows rumors that started in social media that two of three people confirmed to have Covid-19 have absconded from their quarantine.

The director general of the ministry of health, Mohamed Abdi Hergeye said that these people have not escaped a quarantine because they were not put in to begin with.

He added that the positive cases are asymptomatic and show no health complications so far.

He said medical staffers from the ministry are monitoring the situation.

Dr. Hergeye, however, did not mention any precautions taken to prevent the spread of the deadly Covid-19 by those asymptomatic positive cases.

The patients were told to stay at home.

The DG has reassured to the public that Somaliland is ready to handle the Covid-19 outbreak with prepared hospitals to treat the patients.


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