Foreign Minister Faratoon dismisses FAKE claims about straining relations between Ethiopia & Somaliland



Hargeisa–Somaliland government has reaffirmed that the relations between Ethiopia and Somaliland are strong and nothing has changed. The government also denied a recently published article in the Ethiopian Reporter Magazine which had claimed that Somaliland is concerned about Ethiopia’s involvement in recent tripartite agreements between Somalia, Ethiopia, and Eritrea.

Somaliland Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Yasin Haji Mohamoud Hiir Faratoon held a press conference in his office in Hargeisa and clarified that Somaliland and Ethiopia have progressive relations in Politics, security, and trade cooperation between the two countries.

Minister Yasin Faratoon welcomed the Ethiopian Prime Minister’s vision of Horn of Africa’s Integration and his actions promote peace in the region.

Mr. Faratoon refuted the media’s claim that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has dropped the diplomatic relations with Somaliland, saying that the relations are progressing in the right direction.

Foreign Minister said the Ethiopian Reporter Magazine has quoted unofficial conversations and compiled fake articles to get attention or sell its publication.

Minister Yasin Faratoon has dismissed rumors that there are any fears in border security between Ethiopia and Somaliland. He added that border security is a top priority for both countries.

The Foreign minister has admitted that Ethiopian Consulate in Hargeisa did not have a Consul after the last Ethiopian Representative has retired and no replacement is yet to be appointed.

“The Consul’s replacement has not yet come and many people have bothered why his replacement is taking too long. Let me confirm to you that the embassy is working as normal, with the deputy consul and all other staff doing normal day-to-day work.  Ethiopian Authorities have assured to us that new ambassador will be appointed soon”

Minister Faratoon

The Ethiopian Reporter Magazine has met with the Director-General in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Relations Mr. Abdinasir Ahmed Hersi and The Director-General of Ministry of Information Mr. Mukhtar Mohamed Ali and Senior Advisors to Somaliland Ministries, Mohmed Omar Hagi and Mohamed Mohamoud (Barawani). The Magazine claims that all four officials and other Somaliland intellectuals have voiced their concerns that the new prime minister in Ethiopia has sidelined Somaliland by excluding the ongoing Horn of Africa Integration.



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