Ex-FM said that having kept him in the cabinet indicates that the president is confident on him



The current minister of finance and former minister for foreign affairs, Hon. Sa’ad Ali Shire has expressed his thanks to the president of Somaliland His Excellency, Musa Bihi Abdi for appointing him as finance minister in mini cabinet reshuffle.

The ex-FM said that the president is still faithful on discharging his duties as member of council of ministers.

The current finance minister is hopeful that he will do a lot while being at the helm of the treasury department.

The ex-minister has asserted that the finance ministry is huge and being nominated as the minister in charge indicates that the Head of State is still confident on him serving as minister in his cabinet.

The former FM stated that he did all he could to push Somaliland’s quest for an international recognition by raising its case in international arenas.

The current finance minister has thanked all the staffers at the foreign ministry who worked with him to achieve the desired goals set for the foreign ministry.

Dr. Sa’ad promised to do all he can to discharge the daily day duties of the ministry.



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