Ethiopian Diaspora Agency To Be Launched On Friday



Addis Ababa-The newly established Diaspora Agency will be officially launched on Friday at Sheraton Addis.

Ethiopian Diaspora can play an important role in Ethiopia’s development nexus via knowledge and skills transfer, capacity building, promotion of trade and FDI, and entrepreneurship.

She said the Diaspora is an asset with huge potential to contribute to Ethiopia’s reform agenda, adding the agency aims to provide the right tools and instruments so that the Diaspora actively engages in the development endeavors of the country.

The agency has a mission to create enabling environment for the Diaspora to maximize knowledge and skills transfer as well as promotion of trade and investment for the development of Ethiopia.

In an exclusive interview with FBC yesterday, she said special attention will be given to efficient data management so as to identify the exact number of Ethiopian Diaspora and the countries where they live in.

The agency, which will be accountable to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and manage its own budget and financial activities, is also tasked to ensure the protection of the rights and dignity of Ethiopians in the Diaspora.

According to the World Bank report, global remittances touched $689 billion – mark in 2018. The flow of remittances to developing and under-developed countries is critical to the economies.

India continued to top in terms of receiving remittance, and was followed by China, the Philippines, Mexico, Nigeria, and Egypt.



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