Ethiopia halts its share on the new development of Berbera Port


Ethiopia has fully halted its share of the new development of Berbera port and instead is scheduled to complete the formal processing of acquiring land at Sudan to develop its own port.

The two countries agreed to develop a port in Sudan that will be an optional sea outlet for the landlocked Ethiopia.

This means that the Horn of Africa country has removed its share from Berbera port in Somaliland which has for many years served as its official port since Eritrea seceded from Ethiopia.

Ethiopia had bought 19 percent stake on its development of Berbera port but it has reported this week that the project is fully halted.

This is a big blow to Somaliland which after the exportation of livestock solely depends on good stocks that Berbera port serves the official port for SL.

After Abiy Ahmed came to power in Ethiopia, Sudan and Ethiopia have consolidated the idea of developing a facility at port Sudan


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