Ethio-somali region appoints new bureau heads


The new administration of the Ethio- Somali Regional State has appointed 27 bureau heads, The Reporter has learnt.

From this, 96 percent of the appointees are officials who were serving in different positions under the former president of the region, Abdi Mohammed Omar a.k.a. Abdi Illey.

The regional council in its meeting, as of last week, has approved the appointment of deputy president of the region, Adam Farah. He was head of the Construction Bureau at Dire Dawa City Administration.

In addition to these, the remaining posts of different bureaus were taken by their respective appointees.

The new reshuffle of power came following the arrest of Abdi Illey and few other officials. Their arrest is implicated with crimes allegedly committed in the region. This includes former head of Women and Children Affairs Bureau head of the region, Rahwa Ahmed. The post is now filled by Zeineb Neje who was the head of the department within the same bureau.

Furthermore, Ahmed Abdi who was appointed president of the region after the resignation of Abdi Illey is set to lead the Secretariat of the Ethio-Somali People Democratic Party.

It is to be recalled that Ahmed was replaced by the current president of the region Mustaf Omer.

The region which was rocked by a series of conflicts and the breakdown of law and order has seen civilian causalities. This was then followed by the interference of the national defense.

A number of officials, including Abdi Illey, are now in jail in suspicion of the crimes allegedly committed.

In a related news, Mustaf Omer, the current president of the region has met with the members of the Liyu Police.

“During the meeting, a number of issues has been raised, and among which is on how to bring discipline within the members of the police,” Guled Awo, Communication Bureau head of the region told The Reporter.

Furthermore, the issue of the name change for Liyu Police was discussed.

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