Deputy FM says that US approaches Somaliland to host Afghan Refugees:



Somaliland will consider hosting Afghan refugees on temporary basis at the request of the United States.

Hon. Liban Yusuf Osman, deputy minister responsible for foreign affairs, told local MMTV in an interview.

The minister said: “The US government was in talks with Somaliland hosting Afghan refugees, other agencies engaged in refugee resettlement discussed the matter with Somaliland. If Somaliland is convinced to taking in Afghan refugees, we will host them.”

The minister further disclosed that the US request to Somaliland in order to host refugees means that Somaliland is a safe place that can play a huge role on int’l issues.

Liban added that the request of the United States government to Somaliland indicates that its government is trustable.

The minister disclosed that Somaliland is among a list of countries that the US contacted so as to host Afghan refugees fleeing from Taliban takeover of Kabul.

The information minister of SL, Hon. Sulieman Ali Kore, dismissed with the strongest possible terms the notion saying that Somaliland tohost Afghan refugees.


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