Cabinet Discuss Somalia’s Constant meddling into Somaliland Internal Affairs



The 21st ministerial meeting chaired by the president H.E Musa Bihi Abdi who was flanked by his deputy H.E Abdirahman Abdillahi Ismael (Sayli’i) was held at the presidential palace. The agenda of the meeting was federal government of Somalia constant interferences in Somaliland internal affairs.  The meeting held on 20th September 2018 touched on the recent tour of Badhan inside Somaliland territorial borders by the president of Puntland a region of Somalia federation.

The government of Somaliland warned the Somalia federation that enough is enough it will never tolerate the open escalation of conflict by that regime. Somaliland threatened to take drastic action that the Somalia government will regret for prying into other countries internal affairs.

The following points were deliberated.

1. Somaliland believes in peace and tranquility the Horn of Africa region and detests anything that could compromise the security of the region.

2. Somalia has violated the sovereignty of Somaliland territorial borders.  A minister of the Somalia federation visited Somaliland borders this caused a conflict that resulted in loss of lives. Recent the Puntland president Mr. Abdiweli Gaas entered Somaliland through the border town of Badhan without permission from the Somaliland government.

3. The government of Somaliland has accepted the mediation of IGAD, AU and UN special representative to Somalia and Somaliland. It was agreed that the Somalia and Somaliland exchange the prisoners of war and cessation of hostilities however the Farmajo regime is constantly manipulating the Puntland administration to kindle the fire of war with Somaliland. The tour of Mr.Abdiweli Gaas to Badhan will not help matters since Somaliland will not sit idle while her independence and sovereignty is violated by Puntland.

In another development the cabinet passed the new law governing provincial administration that was brought by the ministry of internal security and the attorney general office. The new law number 23 will take effect immediately.

Another law which seeks to improve the welfare of the armed forces was also passed by the cabinet.



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