Burao University becomes ICDL Accredited Test Centre-Somaliland



Specto held one-week workshop for three ICT trainers at the University of Burao, in Somaliland, to certify them with ICDL skills. The trainers were tested on the four ICDL Base modules, as well as the Presentation, Using Databases, Online Collaboration, Image Editing, Project Planning and IT Security modules.

Another workshop was held for students of the IT faculty, which included information about the ICDL modules, the programme’s benefits, the examination process, and demonstrations of some chosen skills from different modules.

Students were also invited to tryout some diagnostic tests to become familiar with the examination process. Students expressed their interest in taking the course and attaining the certificate, which encouraged the Dean of the Medical Faculty to consider adopting the ICDL Base modules as a mandatory subject for freshmen in the new academic year. The University of Burao is an independent higher education institute established in 2004 in Burao, the capital of Togdheer in Somaliland.


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