A transitional president is elected for Ethiopia’s Somali State



Hon. Mustafe Mohumed Omar “Cagjar”, an intellectuals is elected as the president of Ethiopia’s Somali state today.

An emergency meeting attended by members of Ethiopian Somali People Democratic Party (ESPDP) chose the Hon. Mustafe who is local humanitarian worker to be the next president who will replace his predecessor, Abdi Iley who was deposed from office by Ethiopian Federal Government. The recently elected president, the current finance minister, Ahmed Abdi also chosen as the deputy chairman of Ethiopian Somali People Democratic Party (ESPDP), and the deputy president of the State. Hon. Mustafe is expected to be a transitional leader as he was a very outspoken and a dissident former ousted leader of Somali State in Ethiopia. The current leader accused former president of responsible of killing his brother, Faisal Cagjar who was a proactive member of Ethiopian Somali People Democratic Party (ESPDP).



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