Water Affairs Minister Criticises Opposition


The minister of water development Hon. Ali Hassan Mohammed (Ali Marehan) has in a strong worded response condemned sentiments by opposition parties pertaining to  the management of funds to rebuild Waheen Market. The market was recently gutted down by fire.

Addressing the press Hon. Ali Marehan stated at the time of great fire tragedy  Somaliland people ought to preach unity and the opposition should stop on capitalizing on the fire disaster to diideen the population.

The minister went on to say, “I want to talk about Waheen Market which was engulfed by fire recently, members of opposition party Wadani are drumming the beats of putting venomous propaganda into people’s minds. They use their politicians at Hargeisa City Council to preach discord amongst city residents.”

He said the moment is ripe for uniting the people at this hard time. He urged opposition politicians against politicizing the tragedy.

He stated that the local and central government work for one purpose to help the fire victims to stand up again on their feet.

“The armed forces played a major role to help the fire victims. The fire brigade also played its role too, all of them work for the government hence the opposition should stop their decisive politics”, he said.


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