Third Quarter Assessment: Revenues over budget forecast emerged


A workshop to evaluate the performance of the Departments of the Ministry of Finance for the past three months July-Sep, 2021 has revealed 1.5% surplus projected budget.

This quarterly meeting aims to assess the performance of each Department’s quarterly plan; each of the departmental directors was briefed on the progress of their part, if shortcomings arisen & the causes, the path to completion.

The workshop was attended by Deputy Minister Amb. Rhoda Jama Elmi and Director General  Mohamed A. Gurhan, attested that  the ministry generated revenue of 1.5% more than the budget target for Jan-Sep 2021.

In the quarterly plan review, it was noted that good progress has been made in the implementation of integrated automation systems, Financial Management Reform, Taxation, Customs, Awareness & strengthening the relationship with the Taxpayer, compliance with rules and regulations. Budget and spending management, procurement, personnel reform and economic growth policies and promotion of domestic production.

The Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Somaliland has an annual plan, as well as a Five Year Strategic Plan which is the roadmap for each office to carry out its mandated activities. Every three months, an assessment of the performance of each office is made

The workshop, which lasted several hours, was jointly closed by the Deputy Minister of Finance Amb. Rhoda J. Jama and the Director General of the Ministry M. Mohamed C. Gurhan, who praised the heads of the departments of the ministry for their commitment to their duties, and urged them to prepare for the implementation of the duties of each office to the last quarter of the financial year 2021.


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