The world fails to identify the party undermining the resolve of Lasanod conflict


The United Nations Security Council, which discussed the solution to the conflict in Lasanod, has once again failed to identify the side that undermines its solution.

In a meeting held on Thursday at the Security Council on Somalia, they all said that the solution to the conflict in Lasanod should be through ceasefire and negotiations, although they did not mention the side that undermines the efforts.

The government of Somaliland proposed a ceasefire five months ago, and repeatedly called for any disputes to be resolved through peaceful dialogue, but unfortunately, the traditional leaders and intellectuals of the Sool region have refused to accept it.

“More is needed to achieve a ceasefire, to halt the violence in Lasanod, Somaliland, to allow and facilitate unimpeded humanitarian aid, and to initiate effective dialogue to resolve the conflict”, said the United States ambassador to the United Nations.

Although the whole council endorsed the position of Somaliland, to settle the conflict in Lasanod, no one has yet identified the party hindering the resolution to the conflict.

The Somaliland government has always been ready to support the people who fled the city due to the conflict in Lasanod, and on several occasions, they have provided food aid to the areas they fled to within the country.


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