Ministry of Finance Opens Call Centre for Tax Payers


The Finance minister Hon. Dr Saad Ali Shire has unveiled a call centre for taxpayers in Hargeisa. The call centre will help answer swiftly taxpayers’ inquiries about tax payments.

The minister was flanked by assistant minister Hon. Roda Jama Elmi officiated the launch of the call centre at the Local Government Institute premises in Hargeisa.

According to information from top officials at the ministry the call centre will send messages to taxpayers that pertains to the diverse taxes expected from them.

The centre will also receive taxpayers’ complaints and send tax information to customers.

Directors from the revenue collection and ICT departments informed the minister of finance the objective of the call centre.

Speaking at the venue revenue collections director Mr Mohamed Ibrahim Batun said, “This is the most important undertaking by the revenue collection department since the call centre will enable the department to contact and assist taxpayers with information and solve the myriad of issues which about taxation.”

The director of ICT Mr. Amin Abshir stated that the centre will help answer taxation queries from taxpayers and give them information on the tax expected of them.

Minister of finance said, “We are opening this call centre so that we could reach all tax payers and furnish them with relevant information concerning taxation issues and answer their questions”.


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