The Qatarization of Somaliland



An unholy alliance between Mogadishu and Doha, which observers have warned of, could make things extremely bad.

The warning comes after the past weeks witnessed remarkable rapprochement between Qatari officials and the president of Somaliland.

Observers confirm that there is a deal concluded between Musa Bihi and Qatari officials that will greatly increase the problems of Somaliland as a result of this unholy alliance that Musa Bihi made with Qatar, and the transfer of the malign influence exercised by Doha on all aspects of political and diplomatic life in Somalia to Somaliland.

The Somalis are now talking about how Somali foreign policies are being shaped to implement Qatar’s desire to transfer its problems from southern Somalia to northern Somalia, where Qatar is fighting a proxy war against other regional powers.

At the behest of Qatar, Farmajo reduced Somalia’s deep strategic and historical ties with the Gulf countries and Egypt, and this move made Somalia more dependent on Qatar, which, paradoxically, failed to achieve the projects it promised to Somalia, and this is what observers warn of occurring in Somaliland.

There is a greater tragedy that the Somali people suffer from, which is how the Qatari influence and the excessive dependence of Farmajo affected Doha in reversing the path of progress on the security front several years back.

At the suggestion of Qatar, Farmajo appointed Fahd Yassin to head the Somali National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA), even though Yassin, a former journalist for Al Jazeera, has no security or intelligence experience.

Under Qatari guardianship, Yassin is dismantling the main pillars of Somaliland and systematically replacing them with professional and experienced agents with other amateur trainees, who will effectively act as a clearinghouse for Qatari intelligence in Somaliland.

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