The challenges of managing Land Markets in Berbera


In this video, Professor Michael Walls and Dr. Colin Marx discuss the challenges of managing land markets in Berbera and the implications for planning for a future equitable city. “Spatial Inequality in Times of Urban Transition” was a research project investigating urban transition in Uganda (Arua and Kampala) and Somaliland (Berbera and Hargeysa). The project sought to understand the dynamics of urbanisation in East African cities on their own terms, rather than employing the perspectives of ‘western’ urban planning. The project was funded by the FCDO supported East Africa Research Fund, which supported effective policies and programmes on key issues in countries including Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, and South Sudan. The core research consortium consisted of the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies, IPE Triple Line, and University College London’s Development Planning Unit.



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