The Ministry of Finance has closed training for Inland Revenue employees


The Ministry of Finance has conducted a training session on dealing with taxpayers.

The director general of the Ministry of Finance, Mohamed Hussein Muadin, who gave a speech at the closing of the training, urged the participants to deal well with the taxpayers, and said, “You have learned the rights and duties of the taxpayer and the duties of the taxpayers of the Ministry of Finance, taxes are a constitutional duty, it’s refusal will result in punishment. you have learned how to deal with the taxpayers, the best way is to deal with them without preaching the law to collect the tax.

On the other hand, the Director General of the Ministry of Finance, Md. Mohamed Hussein Osman (Mu’adin) opened a training session for 25 members of the government businessmen.

Those traders will be trained in the pilling procedure during this period of training.

“The training you will receive is about your dealings with the Ministry of Finance and other government agencies, the process of submitting your bills so that you can learn better.” He said Md Mu’adin.


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