Somaliland and Somali state of Ethiopia to collaborate on sports


The government of Somaliland and that of the provincial Somali region of Ethiopia have signed an agreement on the integration of youth and sports on both sides.

This agreement was jointly signed by the minister of the Ministry of Youth and Sports Hon. Abdirisaaq Musa Farah and the head of the office of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Somali Region, Mr. Mohamed Mahdi Adan.

The agreement signed by the two officials was attended by trainer Jama Adan (Kara’in University) and other officials from the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Hon. Abdirisaaq Muse Farah and a delegation accompanying him have been on business in Jigjiga, the capital of the Somali region of Ethiopia.

The agreement between the Somaliland sports authorities and the Somali regional government will contribute greatly to the development of young people.


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