The gov’t puts in place strict orders on public transport permits, speed governors


By M.A. Egge

Somaliland’s Ministry of Transport and Road Development has issued a decree ordering that public service vehicles for both passengers and commercial ones that do not have permits from the department would not be allowed to operate.

In the same breath, the circular specified that such public service vehicles that are not fitted with speed governors and hence do not have such clearance from the department would be impounded and drastic measures taken against them.

Thus, for those who do not comply will be subject to legal action related to the issue and hefty fines imposed. Similarly heavy commercial class D licenses were mandatory for the said public service vehicles plying the roads.

This was stated in a circular from the office of the Minister of Transport and Road Development of Somaliland, Hon. Abdirisaaq Ibrahim Mohamed, which reached the local news outlets.

The order takes effect on the 6th of October 2022.


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