Education department decry unnecessary accidents as 20 students are injured



By M.A. Egge

Deputy Minister of Education Hon. Dr. Abdihakim Syed Bustale, decried the unnecessary manner that resulted to the injuries of about 20 students who were injured following the collusion of two buses which are among the vehicles ferrying students of Kuwaiti school in Hargeisa.

The deputy minister noted that the injured students are being treated at the general hospital in Hargeisa. .

On the other hand, the deputy minister asked the road safety forces to take action against the high-speed public transport in the city.

He said the incident that happened today could be worse, pointing out that it was a result of unnecessary competition where drivers wanted most number of trips in the shortest time possible.

He said that the department will not allow the drivers or institutions to play with the lives of the students.

“Such irresponsibility will not be tolerated at all”, he warned.


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