Taiwan Receives Somaliland Delegation in Taipei


The high level Somaliland delegation safely arrived in Taipei where they were warmly welcomed by Taiwan Foreign Minister and the Somaliland Representative in Taiwan.

The delegation led by the Honorable Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Dr Essa Kayd Mohamoud landed, according to official sources, were accorded highest diplomatic protocol.

The delegation’s visit, also including Dr. Saad Ali Shire, a long standing foreign affairs minister and the current Somaliland minister for Finance Development, Omar Ali Abdullahi, Minister for National Planning and Development, and Saeed Sulub Mohamed, Minister for Livestock and Fisheries, will last five days.

During this period, high-level talks between the two sides will cover a range of subjects aiming to further cement relations between the two unrecognized democracies.

The visit, some sources indicate, may end up in the two countries upgrading their representative offices to full diplomatic protocols – among a number of other understandings to be reached.

Other sources, though unconfirmed, whisper the possibility of President Musa Bihi Abdi, himself, capping the visit in a soon-t-be-announced surprise hop-over to Taipei.

The two countries announced formal relations on 1 July 2020 which heralded the establishment of representative offices in each country’s capitals – Hargeisa and Taipei soon afterwards.

The relationship leapt from level to level accentuated by a number of development initiatives implemented, medical supplies and vaccines delivered, scholarships awarded and plans for future cooperation drawn.


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