Somaliland’s Recognition is inevitable and unstoppable


Somaliland does not need Somalia for recognition approval because it never happens in Africa that an African country approves the recognition for another African country. It does not need referendum too like any other African country because it is just retaining and reclaiming it’s independence achieved on June 26, 1960 recognized by 35 nations. Unions and federations are dissolved but independence and recognition are never dissolved or taken away.

The dissolution of unions between Senegal and Gambia, between Egypt and Syria, the new republics emerging from the former Soviet union in 1989, the new republics emerging from former Yugoslavia in 1995, the case between Ethiopia and Eritrea etc all that did not need any referendums but they just retained and reclaimed their previous independence and recognition. Somaliland is not exception.

An African country is granted independence and recognition for having exclusive colonial borders only, and that is British Somaliland Protectorate Borders. Somaliland has that condition fulfilled. Soon or later, Somaliland recognition is unstoppable.

As any other African country, Somaliland recognition is a right, it is not a request. The territory of every African country is defined by its colonial borders, not by tribal lineage, and that is why Sool and E. Sanag are integral part of Somaliland. If OAU does not recognize Somaliland for its colonial borders like any other African country, OAU conference in 1964 for reaffirming African colonial borders will be obsolete and internal tribal conflicts will dismantle African colonial borders and end the existence of the African continent.

Those non-Somalilanders who are worried about the diplomatic recognition of Somaliland, they are advised not to worry, they will have visas like Djabouti or even waiver. Those Somalilanders who are whining and opposing their recognition have no reasons. They just need to remember that sweet home is inevitable. (LAMA HURAAN WAA CAWS JIILAAL: WINTER GRASS IS INEVITABLE).

#Author: Ibrahim Hassan Gagale
Date: January 20, 2022


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