Somaliland: Student Who Got Burned



Aslm,alkm! Please Ummah of Muhammad I need your help!!!
The picture above is one of my students sister, 16 years old only! As we speak, she is laying on a hospital bed and has been there for two months plus.

A stove blew on her and 55% of her body is burned with 3rd degree burns. She requires skin graft because 3rd degree burns don’t heal by themselves!

The surgery is needed urgently and will take place in Turkey. They have been granted the visa and passports have been made for them. Hamda comes from a very humble family that cannot afford to pay for her treatment!

Oh Ummah of Muhammad! This is a test not only for this family, but for us as Muslimeen! Our religion teaches us to feel the pain of the others

I beg you oh Ummah of Muhammad, please let’s help this family? I swear by Allah, I will take it personally to see this child gets through with the treatment she requires

Today it’s her, tomorrow it could you or me, she didn’t do anything to deserve this and we are not so special that we aren’t the ones in the situation. I beg you oh ummah of Islam, let’s help her. She might become infected due to her skin being exposed and that may cause further complications. right now she is feeding through the veins in her leg because her throat is closed…
By Allah lets help her. She can be only takes you and me to make a difference. Will you?

Let’s us wipe the tears in her mother’s eyes? There is nothing more painful than seeing your child’s life slipping away before your very own eyes nd you can’t do anything just because of lack of funds. Sadaqah never reduces money.please lets extend our helping hands. Barakallahu Feekum.…


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