Somaliland: Sahil regional court sentences teenager to 3 years in jail over illegal alcohol


By: Ms. Farah Yusuf

BERBERA– Sahil provincial court in Berbera sentenced a teenager caught with alcohol to 3 years in jail.

Mr. Bashir Arab Mohamud who is 18 years old has to pay a fine of up to three million Shillings according to the court. The vehicle which was transporting the 114 liter was also fined. Sahil regional governor, Hon. Osman Ahmed Hasan has praised the police who nabbed the alcohol. Sahil mayor, Hon. Abdishakur Idin has also commended the police who are combating illegal drugs in the country. Deputy interior minister in charge of security, Hon. Mohamed Muse Dirie has said that it is a duty for all to observe security and fight against drugs.




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