Somaliland: Rebel Group Dubbed Awale Unveiled in Awdal and Selal provinces



New Rebel group from Awdal and Selal provinces have announced taking arms against Somaliland government. The rebel group dubbed Awale has been in action for the past three months.

This is the first time that the ringleader of the rebel group comes out from hiding and has spoken to the press.
He sent stern message addressed to Somaliland government that it must prepare a warfare.
Awale rebel group spokesman vowed to continue the fight against Somaliland gov’t.
In a similar message to Awdal and Selal locals, the rebels  have informed that they should not downplay their warning.
The rebels have apprised that all foreigners currently stationed in Awdal and Selal provinces must leave with emmidiacy.
He said that there is a sense of acrimony in the region and that a war is likely to erupt between rebels and the government forces.
The rebel spokesperson said that Awdal and Selal regions have been deceived after they were told that Somaliland belongs to all.
They accused that only one clan from Somaliland has dominated power sharing process. He further alleged that even their share has been taken.
The rebels said that our regions belong to us and we have to govern.
They have stated that president Bihi is not a leader for all Somaliland people but is one that represents one clan.
The formation of the rebel group in the remote western regions in Somaliland comes months after the government and another rebel group led by renegade Col. Aare put their arms and signed a comprehensive peace deal with Somaliland government. The rebels have also accused the incumbent president of confining to just one room although what he had gone thorough should be an experience. Somaliland government has not so far talked about the formation of an armed rebel group in Awdal.


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