Somaliland Quality Control Holds Meeting to Discuss Importation of Quality Medicines with Pharmaceutical Importers


Top officials of Somaliland Quality Control has held a meeting with pharmaceutical companies and distributors to discuss importance of importing quality medicines in the country.

According to reports Somaliland Quality Control testing laboratory will start operation soon.

Speaking at the meeting the deputy chairman of Somaliland Quality Control Mr.Hamsa Abdi Ibrahim said “I just wanted to inform that we have to work together.  We would like you to work responsibly and protect us against importation of sub standard medicines and food. You have to know where the goods have been manufactured when they were produced and other details like expiry dates.”

Addressing the participants at the meeting the chairman of Somaliland Quality Control Mr.Muktar Mohamed Ali stated “We have just completed the refurbishment of the national quality control laboratory. It will be operational soon. We shall check and test the quality of all medicines, foods and cosmetics imported into the country. Every consumed by our people will have to undergo  testing before being let into the market.”

The chairman of Somaliland Quality Control revealed that all importers of pharmaceuticals and other consumers goods will have to furnish them with certificate of origin which is given by chambers of commerce of the country of origin of the goods. He confirmed that the certificate of origin will enable then ascertain if the companies that have sold them the goods are registered in those countries and are legitimate firms.

He also urged the importers to make sure they have all documentation in order. Chairman Muktar cautioned the pharmaceutical companies and food stuffs distributors against importing medicines and food stuffs that need refrigeration in dry containers.


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