Somaliland President says Electioneering processes issues should be left to relevant institutions


By M. A. Egge.

The President of the Republic of Somaliland, H.E. Muse Bihi Abdi spoke about the controversy surrounding the holding of the forthcoming elections in the country and hence shed light on the way forward.

The Head of State suggested that all issues concerning the electioneering processes had legal institutions to deal with and that any controversies thereof should be left to them to address since they are responsible.

He gave the sentiments at the coast guard headquarters where the marines were commemorating 27 years of existence.

The President pointed out clearly that the prioritizations of the successive elections and the order in which they precede each other should be left to the concerned legal institutions that are mandated to do so.

He said that the nation was stable and calm, hence was ready to chart its affairs concerning the said elections should be done through legal means.

He reiterate the fact both the elections and political parties registration commissions are in place hence were confirmed to office by the parliament. He added that, “the new political associations are said to be open once every ten years, and they have chosen and assigned the Organization Registration Agency which was voted by the Parliament, and the Parliament is made up of all the parties, and each party’s policy is passed by the Parliament”.


The President continued his speech saying, “We have established the Electoral Commission, which will arbitrate between the competing parties and the presidential election, and we have agreed with the opposition and the ruling party and that the only body who can dictate on the issues are the institutions authorized by the law; no one else can interfere and  strict rules are there to regulate them”.

The president clarified the fact that the time frame for the legality of official political parties has elapsed and there was no provision in the constitution to expand their tenure.

He said that the nation was obligated to hold the political party elections for there was no excuse to postpone it.

The president made it clear that it was not the same as the presidential elections which has clauses to guide it legally when it is unable to be held either technically or otherwise.


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